Are Dark Eye Circles making you look tired?

Dark eye circles are a major cause of psychological problems for a lot of Asian women. People with dark eye circles are often misunderstood as tired looking and takes years off their actual age. To truly understand the cure for dark eye circles, you need to break down the problem systematically and address each issue separately.

What Causes Dark Eye Circles

Dark eye circles begin in the capillaries. These capillaries function to allow exchange of nutrients and oxygen to supply vital muscle and tissue. Sometimes, the red blood cells leak out of these capillaries and what happens in the eyes is that this stains the skin. When hemoglobin is broken down, its remaining components have a dark blue-black color. Just like a bruise. So your dark under-eye circles are actually caused by leaky capillaries.

Dark eye circles or under-eye discoloration occurs easily if you have thin under eye skin. Thin skin exposes
1. Bone structure beneath easily
2. Tiny blood vessels that just lie below the thin skin surface giving dark the circles the prominence we hate to have.

Dark eye circles can be attributed to sunken eyes, and sunken eyes are caused by the loss of fats in the area under the eye and with all things that suffered from loss of volume, it gets deflated. Click here to read more about sunken eyes. As the skin gets deflated inwards, the tiny blood vessels underneath the skin are much closer to the skin thus giving rise to dark eye circles. This happens easily when you have think skin and suffers from sunken eyes.

The second type of dark eye circles is caused by eyebags. Fats underneath the eye migrates forward towards the skin. In this case, there can be 2 different reasons to how dark eye circles come about or it can be combination of both reasons.

1. When eyebags are formed, tiny blood vessels just under the skin get pushed closer to the skin, causing discoloration in the surface of the very delicate and thin skin just underneath the eye area, giving rise to dark eye circles.

2. With these bulging eyebags, a shadow is cast on the underside of the eyebag, giving rise to dark eye circles.

The cure for dark eye circles

Ultrasound and HIFU eyes can be done for the skin around the eyes to stimulate collagen growth. A thicker skin hides the underlying structures and also hides any protruding eye bags.

There are cases where the eye bags are so prominent that you do need surgery. It is best that you ask the doctor regarding this.

A light chemical peel can be done to lighten dark pigmentation under the eyes. Some common chemical peels include glycolic acid, retinoic acid or hydroquinone.

Our dark eye circle plan involves not just improving your dark circles, but helping you find a permanent cure and solution for them.

We invite you to book a consultation with us to discuss how we can remove your dark eye circles forever. Just imagine not looking tired even when you actually are! Your next step is to call (65) 6532 2400 to schedule your consultation today.