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Signature Hand Rejuvenation Program

So you just spent thousands of dollars on fixing up your face, but what’s the telltale sign of your age?  The answer is your HANDS!  Many people still forget about treating their hands, to ensure that the signs of age do not show.  Find out more on how to keep your hands looking young and beautiful!

Signs of Aging on Your Hands

Do you have these signs of aging on your hands?  Loose skin, wrinkles, age spots, thin, crepey skin, prominent veins and tendons… ?  It’s easy to tell the age of a person by looking at their hands.  Would you like to find out how you can turn back the clock on your hands? Imagine your hands with beautiful, flawless skin with no wrinkles.  It’s a dream we can aspire to with our hand rejuvenation treatments!

How to Get Younger Hands?

So how do you get younger hands?  It’s important to know that hands, like our face, take a lot of punishment.  From the sun’s UV, when you drive, when you do sports, when you wash with harsh detergents, all that takes its toll on the skin of your hands.  In order to stop the signs of aging, the first thing you need to do is to USE A SUNBLOCK!  it’s simple!  Every time you apply sunblock on your face, remember to apply some on your hands and forearms.  This simple act will help you to stop further photo-aging on your hands and arms. This also reduces pigmentation on your hands.

Secondly, remember to moisturize!  A good moisturizer is important to ensure that the skin on your hands remains soft and supple, and delays the onset of wrinkles.  As a guide, the skin creams that you use on your face are also suitable for applying on the backs of your hands.  If the palms and forearms are also dry, a dedicated hand moisturizer may be needed.  Creams containing whitening ingredients like Crystal Clear Skin Clarity Cream are useful for reducing pigmentation and for creating even skin tone on the hands.

Treatments are needed to turn back some of the signs of aging on the hands.  If you’ve already started to notice some of the signs of aging on the hands, don’t despair!  There are a host of treatments that we perform to rejuvenate your hands.


Chemical peels are an excellent way of getting fast results on hand rejuvenation.  Peels remove the superficial layers of dead skin and stimulate the skin to produce new collagen.

Crystal Tomato is an important part of whole body skin rejuvenation.  The colourless carotenoids in Crystal Tomato are found scientifically to concentrate in the skin, making it more resilient to sun, free radical and environmental damage, while producing whole body whitening.  Crystal Tomato needs to be taken for about 3 months to notice an appreciable effect, while some patients notice results from the first treatment.

Don’t let your hands reveal your age.  Take better care of your hands today!  Sign up for our Enhanced Hand Rejuvenation Package today for better value. Call us today at 65322400 for an appointment.